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W2W    refers to Wheels 2 Work County Durham

Application received by W2W

  • Journey check to be completed by W2W

  • W2W will contact your employer/ apprenticeship or your further education provider/ organisation you volunteer for to confirm you are in or have a firm offer of employment/apprenticeship/further education/ volunteering


Eligibility confirmed by W2W

  • W2W will email you out an agreement to read and sign (this will be returned automatically to W2W once signed)

  • W2W will arrange a time convenient to you to ring you and go through the agreement with you and answer any further questions you may have

  • Once the contract has been read through you will need to make your £20 payment via our website (click here) or by bank transfer.  if you choose to transfer into our bank account then W2W will email you the bank details so you can make the one off payment of £20 

  • When the one off payment clears in W2W bank we will then order your bicycle using the information provided on your application form.

  • The bicycle will be delivered to your home/chosen address.

  • The scheme only offers - 1 bicycle from the 4 listed (for bike options please click here ), plus the helmet and accessories  pack.

  • W2W will email you a copy of the receipt.

**The scheme we operate is not the "Cycle2Work" which you will see reference to on the Halfords and other websites

After you receive the pedal bike

  • Contact Halfords directly regarding any issues you have pertaining to the items received

  • Once you have confirmed acceptance of the bicycle, it becomes your property. W2W  cannot offer any after-sales support including repairs or issues that may arise thereafter. You are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the bicycle as you have full ownership 

  • The bicycle is not insured by  W2W . It is your sole responsibility to arrange insurance cover for theft and personal injury if you wish

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