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How much does it cost?

The cost for the guaranteed initial 6 months is either 

£35 per week

£152 calendar monthly (Example - 25th of each month)


You will be required to pay an upfront payment of the first months loan fees (£152.00) .  The loan also includes insurance (scooter only), tax, breakdown cover as well as servicing of the scooter. 

The insurance does not cover you for personal injury and you have to be prepared and able to pay a maximum of £250 in the event of  each accident, damage or theft of the scooter. 

                Joining Wheels 2 Work County Durham can save you up to                                                     £365.00

To help keep you safe we provide all our riders with a helmet, Jacket, gloves, high visibility vest and locks free of charge

                                                   Average cost                         Cost to W2WCD Clients

 ​CBT training                                 £150.00                                            FREE

Helmet                                             £80.00                                             FREE

Gloves                                               £24.00                                             FREE

Jacket                                                £60.00                                             FREE

Hi Vis                                                 £3.00                                               FREE

Screamer lock                                 £38.00                                             FREE

Bow lock                                           £10.00                                             FREE


 insurance (vehicle only), servicing, MOT, tax and breakdown recovery,  are also included in the scheme free of charge.


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