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Bike and everything delivered earlier today ahead of time. Ordered on Friday and delivered today Tuesday! Amazing really. The bike will be a godsend 

Will get some time out getting used to my bike over the next few days - it will give me a new lease of life so thank you so much to W2W for enabling that! It’s truly amazing when funds and earnings are so tight these days.


Thanks for your speedy resolution and processing!  (W2W Bicycle scheme)

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The process was quicker than expected the staff was really helpful and kind I would defiantly recommend wheels to work to any one. 

‘I love it to bits – if it wasn’t for Wheels 2 Work, I would probably be on the dole now. Declan

I’d like to just thank everyone that is involved with W2W for a great service that has helped by stay in employment despite the almost 16 mile ride to work. 

“I had to rely on others for transport or on public transport. I have more freedom now and I can do my own thing.”  “Life is way easier now” 

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“amazing and I would encourage more people to join, the training is straight forward and the moped allows you to look for jobs further afield. It gives you more independence as you’re not relying on other people to give you lifts. All the staff at Wheels 2 Work give a good service“. 

Thank you its been a massive help not just with my work but with my ADHD as I hated public transport and it has just given me freedom and got me out of the house as I used to just sit in, now I can go off to to places. Without this I would just be the old me that would waste money, I've never been able to save.

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Brilliant, I’m really grateful, the staff whether I contact them through phone or email have been totally professional and the staff at Ace are very good and really helpful. A 10 out of 10 for the Wheels 2 Work Scheme”.

Without this scheme I would not have been able to afford a moped and therefore would not have been able to accept my job which has given me a fantastic start to my career. 

“It (the moped) has improved my life significantly, I have become more flexible with work and it has made me able to get into work more reliably as there is no bus to miss, also despite being a small moped, with the addition of some panniers and top box the amount of storage space is pretty decent and I can usually fit a small shop in 

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“I feel like I've got a new lease on life as I have way more freedom then I did previously and I'm not bound to the bus schedule anymore”.

Brilliant scheme it has helped me to keep my job, also built my confidence as i would have never dared to ride a motorcycle if i hadnt of heard of wheels to work. The communication from both the staff at wheels at work and ace motorcycles was excellent they where always there to help if i ever had a problem. Thank you all

I chose too join the wheels 2 work too make my work journey safer and quicker. Cbt requirement I was nervous as I have no experience at all. But I have too say My instructor at Ace was fantastic put me at complete ease straight away! The knowledge he give me was excellent. I couldn’t believe how well I did and too come out with a pass was amazing feeling and confidence boost it’s a great day and experience.


Great job putting me through my CBT and the 125cc scooter I loaned was ideal

Fantastic service over the moon with everything that was done if it want from this scheme add be jobless and possibly homeless thankyou so much for everything you have all done means a lot

I can't thank you and the team the team enough. Wheels 2 Work do a great job especially in this pandemic keeping us all mobile to get us to work thank you. Daryll

Excellent service and much appreciated thank you

Its was unreal service for me to get to work saved a lot of money in my opinion and the staff was great I would recommend anyone to use this to help them out

A great scheme that supported my son is his travel to college. Quick & easy & supported throughout the application

It’s been so helpful and I’m so pleased with the bike, the service was amazing and I couldn’t do without it now, thank you very much

‘It’s helped me so much it’s unreal, I was always tired previously; there is no mad rush to get to work now. I get up at 8 and have time to chill now instead of rushing to be out of the house.’

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