‘It’s helped me so much it’s unreal, I was always tired previously; there is no mad rush to get to work now. I get up at 8 and have time to chill now instead of rushing to be out of the house.’

‘I love it to bits – if it wasn’t for Wheels 2 Work, I would probably be on the dole now.

“I had to rely on others for transport or on public transport. I have more freedom now and I can do my own thing.”  “Life is way easier now”

Brilliant, I’m really grateful, the staff whether I contact them through phone or email have been totally professional and the staff at Ace are very good and really helpful. A 10 out of 10 for the Wheels 2 Work Scheme”.

Thank you its been a massive help not just with my work but with my ADHD as I hated public transport and it has just given me freedom and got me out of the house as I used to just sit in, now I can go off to to places. Without this I would just be the old me that would waste money, I've never been able to save.

“I feel like I've got a new lease on life as I have way more freedom then I did previously and I'm not bound to the bus schedule anymore”.

“It (the moped) has improved my life significantly, I have become more flexible with work and it has made me able to get into work more reliably as there is no bus to miss, also despite being a small moped, with the addition of some panniers and top box the amount of storage space is pretty decent and I can usually fit a small shop in 

Wheels 2 Work County Durham

Bullion Hall, South Approach, Chester-le-Street, County Durham DH2 2DW.  

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) No. 1160215

Telephone: 0191 303 8442    07460 068 668      07472 668 884

Email:           info@w2wcd.org.uk