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Hiring a scooter

We loan scooters for a  6 month period with the possibility of extending depending on scooter availability, to ensure people can get to work, apprenticeships or participate in further education. Please note the scooters can not be used for fast food delivery work


Petrol scooters of either 110, 125cc or 125cc equivalent electric scooters are available to people aged 17+ as long as they have at least a provisional licence.  The cost is £35 per week. The loan also includes helmet, Jacket, gloves, high visibility vest and a heavy-duty lock, insurance (scooter only), tax, breakdown cover as well as servicing of the scooter. 

We will do our best to provide you with a scooter but this does depend on availability

Please use the links below to:


  • Find out what is included in your rental cost here.

  • Check if you are eligible here.

  • Apply for a scooter online here.

  • Find out what  CBT Training entails here.

Alternatively you can call us direct on 0191 303 8442  or email us at


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Contact us for more information

0191 3038442

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