Wheels 2 Work County Durham –  Bicycle Contract




  1. The prime use of the bicycle will be to access apprenticeships, employment or education as specified in the application.   


  1. Proof of employment or apprenticeship or education placement must be provided in writing from the employer or trainer, giving start and end dates of employment or apprenticeship. 





  1. A recycled bicycle will be provided by Recyke Y’ Bike in Chester Le Street to the client who will take full ownership of the bicycle.  


  1. The client must book an appointment with Recyke Y’Bike to view available bikes, once all employment checks have been carried out by Wheels 2 Work County Durham. 


  1. It may be possible for the client to choose between 2 to 3 bikes which will be suitable for commuting to work and appropriate to the client’s height. This is dependent on bicycle availability. 


  1. In addition to the bike, the client will be provided with a helmet, lock, lights and puncture repair kit by Recyke Y’ Bike. 


  1. Basic puncture repair training can be provided by Recyke Y’ Bike when the bike is picked up. Clients must request this when they book their appointment to collect their bike. 


  1. A contribution  will be paid by the client to Recyke Y’ Bike, towards the bike and all equipment. 


  1. The bicycle is not insured by Wheels 2 Work County Durham, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange insurance cover for theft and personal injury if they wish. 


  1. Once the bicycle has exchanged hands Wheels 2 Work cannot offer any after-sales support and are not responsible for any repairs or issues that may arise thereafter. The client is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the bicycle as they have full ownership. 


  1. We suggest regular bicycle safety checks including tyre pressure and lights. 


  1. We would encourage the client to return the bicycle to Recyke Y’Bike once alternative transport to work has been found, however this is not a mandatory requirement. 


  1. At no point does Wheels 2 Work CIO accept any responsibility or liability for any injury sustained to, or death of, the person named as the client in this agreement as a result of participating in Wheels 2 Work County Durham. 


Bicycle Client 


I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.  


Please print name: 


Signed:                                  Date 



2. Data Protection and Photo Consent 


  • Wheels 2 Work County Durham collects your personal data so we can assess whether you are eligible for the scheme and to ensure that we can contact you in relation to your bicycle agreement. 

  • We will contact you by email (if an email address is supplied), by telephone, letter and via social media. 

  • Your data will be processed in line with W2W procedures and will be stored securely. 

  • Your personal data will be kept by W2W for 7 years, in line with HMRC guidelines, after which time it will be securely destroyed. 

  • The information you provide will be shared by Wheels 2 Work County Durham with project funders for monitoring and administration purposes, and with the scheme’s approved bicycle dealer. 


Our Data Privacy Notice is available to view on our website www.w2wcd.org.uk  


Wheels 2 Work County Durham would like to feature its clients within the project’s promotional work.  The images and information that we gather may be used with press releases in W2W County Durham publications such as leaflets and presentations, and on occasion by partner organisations (such as funders).   

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we take any photographs,  and we would also like to know if you are happy to help us with further research for the project.  Please answer the questions  and sign and date the form where shown. 


Please tick if you are willing to participate in any of the following: 

Have your photograph taken 

A face-to-face or telephone interview with project staff or funders. 

Use your ‘story’ as an example of how the project has helped people  

I grant permission for photographs or quotations to be used for:   

Press releases (which may go into local media) 

W2W County Durham publications (e.g. newsletters, reports, leaflets) 

W2W Website and W2W Social Media. 

Funders & external agencies for the purpose of case studies and monitoring reports 


On occasion we share information with other partner organisations (e.g. other Wheels 2 Work schemes in the country) for reporting and sharing best practice models.  Please tick this box if you are happy for this information to be shared   

From time to time clients are approached to take part in surveys by mail, email or phone. These surveys are aimed at enabling the performance of W2W County Durham and its partners to monitor performance, improve quality and plan future provision.  Please tick here if you are happy to be contacted by W2W County Durham or its partners in respect of surveys and research.    

W2W County Durham and its partners may wish to contact you from time to time about other services relevant to you.  Please tick this box if you would like to be contacted about these other services.   


At no time will your personal information be passed to organisations for commercial or sales purposes.  


I have read and understood the conditions of use of the information I provide and I consent to the information and photographs being used as indicated.  I understand that I reserve the right to withdraw this consent at any time.   


Signed  Date  



Wheels 2 Work Staff Member  


Signed                                                                                   Date