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The Process

W2W    refers to Wheels 2 Work County Durham

Application received by W2W

  • Journey check to be completed by W2W

  • W2W will email you to ask for a driving licence check code and photos of your storage for the scooter (full details in email)

  • W2W will contact your employer/ apprenticeship or your further education provider to confirm you are in or have a firm offer of employment/apprenticeship/further education


Eligibility confirmed by W2W

  • W2W will email you out a contract via Sign request to read and sign (this will be returned automatically to W2W once signed)

  • W2W will arrange a time convenient to you to ring you and go through the contract with you and answer any further questions you may have

  • Once the contract has been read through W2W will email you the bank details so you can make your upfront payment of £152 (first month loan fees)

  • When the up-front payment clears in W2W bank you will receive an email with the details needed to book your CBT training ( if you have a valid in date CBT certificate already you will only need to complete the CBT PLUS)


After you pass the CBT

  • You will need to book back in for a CBT PLUS, this is 2 extra hours of road work, you will be shown around the controls  then issued with a scooter and PPE (personal protective equipment)

  • You will receive your welcome pack via email within 3- 5 working days

  • One month from the date you take the scooter you will start paying your weekly/monthly loan fees

  • You will be contacted by W2W once a month for the scooter mileage and service reminders (if applicable) 

  • The loan is for 6 months however the scooter can be returned before the 6 month period has ended

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