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                            Get fit and get there faster! Bicycles are best for shorter journeys to work, apprenticeships or  further education.

With Funding from  County Durham Community Foundation's household support and poverty hurts funds ,we are able to support 120 people to purchase a bicycle and kit.

We currently have  30 Bikes left

How it works

If you are struggling to get to or into employment/apprenticeships/further education or a volunteer position due to distance, public transport connections, out of hours working patterns or have no other means of transport then you maybe eligible for our pedal bike scheme which provides you with a non electric pedal bike, helmet, lock and lights for a one off payment of £20 and the bike and kit is yours to keep. So, no weekly or monthly loan payments, it’s just a one-off payment and the bike and kit is yours to keep. Click here to apply for a bicycle. Please note you are not eligible for the scheme if you are a  Darlington, Stockton, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Cleveland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Washington, Birtley or Sunderland resident.

ProvidedEverything to get you on the road for a one-off payment of £20.00

  • Pedal bike (not electric)

  • Helmet

  • Lock

  • Lights

  • Pump



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